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Screen Time Management

In 2010, I created this Point & Reward System, aimed at developing healthy habits.

Points and Reward System

This is the Gamification of homework, chores, sports, hobbies, and other activities. A child is given points after completing an activity, and after a certain number of points, the child can be rewarded with Screen Time and other rewards; mix it up and even make it random.

Point values may change over time to have your child focus on different activities, plus different activities added based on age.

What you Need:

A means to record points, such as a Whiteboard and Whiteboard maker. 

Keep it out of reach from the children (if possible); you want them to see how many points they have.

Example Points:

Every family will be different, and based on your child’s age, the activities will change; the following is a basic overview.

Here is an example of a basic point system:

  • Make your Bed (10 Points)
  • Clean your room (20 Points)
  • Eat your Vegetables (20 points)
  • Read a Book (30 Points)
  • Do your Homework (40 Points)
  • 30-Minute Exercise (40 Points)
  • Train/Play a Sport (60 Points)
  • Do the Dishes (60 Points)

Negative Points:

  • Eat food high in Sugar (-20 points)
  • Drink Soft-Drink/Sodas (-20 points)
  • Drink an Energy Drink (-50 points)
  • Didn’t do your Chores (-50 points)
  • Didn’t do your Homework (-50 points)
  • Sneaking Screen Time (-80 points)

Once your child has 100 Points, they can have Screen Time based on their age and should only have this reward once a day; further achievement in a day should be other rewards.

The following is for mobile devices like mobile & tablets.

  • Babies: 0 minutes (Family Conference calls)
  • Children: 30 minutes (15 min break & Supervised)
  • Teenagers: 1 hour (20 min breaks)
  • Adults: 2 Hours (30 min breaks)

Screen Break

Walk away from the screen, look at distant objects, hydrate if needed, and stretch.


Other Rewards

Your children should not only be rewarded with Screen Time; this will depend on your family and situation. Find out what they want to do away from a screen, you could even base pocket money base on how much is achieved during a week.

Other reward examples: time at the park, time with parent/s, seeing a friend, a hobby, creating something, learning a new skill, etc…


Point Reset

I would start with the Point system Resetting each day, then determine if they will carry.

For Example, if they achieve over 100 points every day for a school week, we do an extra reward for the weekend, so they have extra time to play, or we do something special for them. This also reinforces the habit creation around what we want them to achieve.


Monkey See, Monkey Do

So much emphasis is placed on limiting children’s screen time and making them healthier individuals. But unfortunately, some adults forget that children will follow what they see. 

Consider creating your own point system, and do our Vitality Challenge.

Make it a family challenge

Compete with other Families and friends

Just make sure you have fun with it..



Family & Friends

Put down your mobile devices and spend some time with family and friends; if you don’t think you need to, there may be someone else that needs you to.

Screen Time




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