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We have a variety of artwork created by both human and AI artists. The human artists are skilled in various styles and do all our Header artwork, while the AI artists are mainly artwork within the content.

For a list of  Artificial Intelligence (AI) Platforms, click here.

Human Artists:

Despite the remarkable progress in AI-generated artwork, I make it a point to engage human artists for creative projects whenever my budget allows.

  • Roy Wibowo
    I have contracted Roy on many projects; he is an excellent Game Art & Concept, Print & Digital Illustration Specialist.
    Below, is his Upwork Profile:

  • Sachintha Indunil
    Digital illustrator, concept artist, and designer.

  • Valerie Plotnikova
    As a dedicated 2D digital artist, I specialize in crafting raster graphics using Adobe Photoshop. My versatile skillset encompasses realistic and fantasy-style portraits, illustrations, concept art, game assets, and character design. My passion for the creative process drives me to deliver exceptional work tailored to the unique needs of each project.

AI Art Generation:

Below are the AI-Generated Artwork platforms I have used on this website; I have listed them in my preferred order, and you can find other options here.

    Create game assets with AI, also text to images. Create your dataset for your prompts. (You need to Signup for exclusive early-bird access)

  • MidJourney
    Midjourney is an innovative research lab blazing the trail in artificial intelligence and image generation. You need Discord ( to use.

  • DALL-E 2
    AI system that can create realistic images and art from a description in natural language.

  • NightCafe
    Text-to-image generation with 4 Algorithm options (Stable Diffusion, OpenAI DALL-E 2, Coherent – Clip Guided Diffusion, Artistic – VOGAN+Clip).

  • Jasper Art
    AI content tool that turns your text prompt into artwork.