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About Us

My name is Lionel Thomas…

I was a Gameaholic working as a Game Producer in the Computer Gaming Industry.

Working and Gaming saw me on a computer for around 100 hours a week…

One day I lent over to pick something up from the ground, all the while twisting my body; as I stood up, something in my back pulled; I laid down on the couch and soon was not able to stand without significant pain; I lay there on my couch thinking, this needs to change.

Started researching how to improve myself and my body, and over time I improved my physical, mental, and vision for the future.

I wanted to bring this to the gaming community!

After meeting my partner, in 2010, I started Vitality for Gamers, she was also into health, so this gave me additional drive.

Created the Vitality For Gamers in 2010 and soon after began the Healthy Gamer book, which was released in 2012.

I have many other projects not mentioned and still updating the website, so stay tuned…