Vitality For Gamers
Gamer    Parents with Gamers
Gamification of Life for Health, Gaming, and Saving our Earth!

About Us

Our Mission

“Gamification of Life for Health, Gaming, and Saving our Earth!”

Stop being an NPC (Non-Player Character) and become a Gamer in Life!


Body Health


Reduce Health Issues and Improve Gamer Skills

Eat Whole Foods


Healthy Fuel for your Body

Consume Smart


Reduce Demand for Junk Food & Items

Buy Local


Fewer International Logistics

Reduce/Quit Sugar


Stop being Addicted

Gamer Lifestyle


Lifetime Learner, Adventurer, Planner, and a Doer!

Vitality For Gamers

Vitality For Gamers was founded by Lionel Thomas in 2010.

More details coming soon…

We are still updating our New Look and Feel website, so stay tuned.

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