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Be a Gamer in Life... Level Up your Health, Skills, and Gaming

Gamer in Life

Life is like a computer game, full of wonders, opportunities, and skills to level up. Those who take action and risks stand the chance of unlocking powerful rewards that can change their lives forever.

Here are some key points to assist you:

  • Level Up

    Level Up with ExerciseTo achieve success in real life, prioritize activities that improve your skills, knowledge, and physical well-being.

    Action: “Achieve before Gaming or Watching.”

    Achieve one or more activities before Gaming or Watching; utilize your time to level up and enhance yourself. Power through a personal project, build strength with exercise, boost knowledge by learning something new – whatever you do, aim to upgrade your Real-Life first before your Virtual One.

    Courses, Skills and Tools:
     – Artificial Intelligence (AI)
     – Online Courses and Certificates (Free & Paid)

  • Don’t be an NPC

    Be an AdventurerNon-Player Characters, or NPCs, are characters stuck in a routine that interact with players (Gamers in Life). They add life to the game’s environment by providing challenges for adventurers as well as adding flavor to stories.

    Action: “Don’t allow your existence to become a robotic one-way street.”

    Create your own Path in Life, become an adventurer, an explorer, be someone of substance, and have a vision!

  • Stop Procrastinating

    Stop Procrastinating: create a planNow is the time to act! Don’t push off till tomorrow what you can do today.

    Action: “Make a plan and be accountable for it.”

    Create a plan, finish it, then make another plan. Put the plan on your wall and share it with others so you are accountable for your actions and inactions.

  • Take Action Everyday

    Adventurer in Winter StormEach day, you have the chance to make decisions that can determine your fate and improve your Life Avatar and Quality.

    Action:  “Take Small steps… and take them often…”

    Your journey starts and stops with you… Keep moving forward, as Persistence is key!