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Sitting is killing you

Sitting Is killing You
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Unknown to most people, sitting for long periods (sedentary lifestyle) is a horrible habit that is extremely bad for the health. The fact is, the general populace spends more time sitting than sleeping. Most people believe that having a fat physique is mainly due to poor eating habits and lack of exercise, but another significant contributor is too much sitting. Statistics reveal that obese people sit 2.5 hours more than thin people. When you sit down, your calorie burn rate drops to a measly 1 calorie per minute. On the other hand, standing burns 10 times as much calories.

Sitting all day pushes your body to collect calories which are tough to burn even with regular exercise. As soon as you sit, the electrical activity in your leg muscles immediately shuts off. Meanwhile, the enzymes that are necessary for burning fat drop by 90%. Also, the good cholesterol which helps in fighting off cardiac diseases drop by 20%. Surprising as it may seem, people with sitting jobs actually have twice the cardiovascular diseases than those with standing jobs. The alarming truth is, sitting is killing you.

So, how many hours do you spend every day on sitting? What can be done to minimize this detrimental activity? The apparent solution to counteract the effects of sitting is simply shifting to a standing position every once in awhile. You could perhaps stand up, stretch your limbs for a few minutes and walk around.

Sit-Stand Desks

Fortunately, to make things more convenient, there's a groundbreaking technology that can drastically decrease your time spent sitting, and these are sit-stand desks. The desks are fantastic to use because they're incorporated with a motor that easily goes up and down with just a push of a button. This technology enables you to switch to a standing position while still facing your desk. There are also specially designed chairs for these adjustable desks. The chairs come with a saddle seat which helps your hips to open up and to have plenty of versatility in positions.

Having an adjustable height desk is a great solution to your tedious sitting habit. It's also an integral addition to any ergonomic workstation. Here are some of the most notable health benefits of using an adjustable sit-stand desk instead of a fixed height desk:

  • Much Lesser Musculo-skeletal Discomfort
    Studies reveal that most people simply feel better when they stand for a certain period during their workday. Working at an adjustable height desk substantially decreases musculo-skeletal pain.

  • Improved Blood Circulation
    Traditional knee-tilt chairs and fixed height desks are likely to cause blood pooling in the thighs as they considerably restrict movement below the waist. However, with a sit-stand desk, your body can conveniently change positions from sitting to standing or perching at any time of the day. This leads to increase in blood flow and nourishment to your muscles.

  • Longer life span
    A research conducted by the American Cancer Society showed a direct connection between mortality rates and amount of time people spend sitting. The study further revealed that mortality rates boosted by 37% for women who spent more than 6 hours daily on sitting.

  • Increased productivity
    Gamers are more likely to play more productively when using sit-stand desks. The easy shifting in position enables people to enhance mental concentration and to have a generally more positive mood.

With the use of an adjustable desk and chair, you can finally steer clear of your sedentary lifestyle without having to work out for hours at the gym. You can greatly change your life by standing up more often. If you're stuck inevitably sitting most of the time, then having a sit-stand desk is the healthiest thing you can do for yourself as you work laboriously for long hours. Just stand up, stretch your muscles, and sit back conveniently anytime.

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