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Pre-Gaming Session Preparation

Either high sugar food snacking or just not eating at all can be common place during a gaming session. Both are unhealthy activities for long gaming sessions and lead to energy spikes or your body going into danger mode that affect your gaming and health.

Treat gaming like a sport, you need gaming fuel to keep your senses alert and body energised. Yet you need to avoid too much sugar and greasy foods. High sugary foods will give you high and low energy spikes, while heavy greasy foods will make you sluggish and wanting a sugary or energy drink pick me up.

Plan on a meal prior to long gaming sessions, this meal needs to be mostly made of whole foods, so this means no packaged foods (anything that comes in a box or bag – No Pizza, No Pies, TV Dinners etc…). Ever crash and burn the next morning of a gaming session after having late night pizzas and soft-drinks (soda pop), this is your body still working overtime to clean up.

Pre Game Meal An example of using whole foods would be making a chicken roll with Carrots, Lettuce and cheese. Also, if it is close walk to the shops to get these as some form of exercise prior to gaming is great.

Know yourself, once you start a gaming session many gamers become 100 times lazier. This means if you are thinking of making a meal after starting a gaming session, it will most likely not happen unless it is convenient like a Pizza.

So, preparation is everything and so is what you make convenient for yourself.

Things to make convenient are:

  • Time (Visible within view of gaming focus)
  • Water (Keep 1 litre near you at all time)
  • Posture (Always have a good location to sit or stand)

Things to make inconvenient are:

  • Snacks (Don’t have all snacks next to you)
  • The Key thing is to make yourself move during gaming sessions

Note that hunger can mimic thirst, so if you are hunger take a sip of water prior to eating snacks.

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