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Gamer Wrist (RSI and Carpal Tunnel Exercises)

Avid players of video games can often suffer from the unfortunate condition known as Gamer's Wrist. This is a severe ache or wrist pain that occurs when playing computer games and sometimes forces gamers to choose between making it to the next level or giving in and giving their hands a rest!

Carpal tunnel or Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) are very common for those who enjoy spending a lot of their leisure time playing games. These can be serious conditions with very real consequences. Being able to use computers is a vital part of many office jobs, and those who don't make any effort to learn how to improve the mobility of their hands with stretching exercises can quickly find their mobility is seriously hindered by one of these conditions.

What is Carpal Tunnel?

Carpal tunnel syndrome is best explained as a condition in which the median nerve, which is situated in your hand, becomes compressed at the wrists. The nine flexor tendons and the median nerve in each of your hands pass through a canal which is surrounded by bones. If the canal reduces in size, the tissue around the tendons can swell up and squash or compress the median nerve. This can cause nasty and unpleasant nerve pain as well as possible numbness or a feeling of weakness in the hand or wrist. If you suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome you are likely to experience tingling feelings, a feeling of weakness in your hands and an inability to grip properly. You could also experience numbness.

How can I prevent Carpal Tunnel and Gamer's Wrist?

You might want to invest in a specialist piece of equipment like a hand exerciser, to try to ease the discomfort. There are plenty to choose from that are available to buy. You can also do some hand stretching exercises that do not require any equipment.

Other ways to prevent attacks of carpal tunnel are to allow yourself regular rests from playing games, especially those that require intensive and repetitive moves. It's sensible not to overdo it and to make sure you take regular breaks. Try moving your wrists every 20 minutes or so, giving your hands a good stretch. It's also a good idea to try to keep your hands warm. Cold hands are more likely to be susceptible to wrist aches and pains. Finally, drink plenty of fluids. It's important not to become dehydrated as this will not help matters.

If you already do hand stretching exercises and are still finding you suffer with tingling sensations in your hands, especially when you wake up in the morning, or when you are lying in bed, you might want to think about getting some treatment for your carpal tunnel syndrome before it gets any worse. Despite popular opinion it is not difficult to treat and you can actually get treatment without having to leave your home. Don't let carpal tunnel syndrome or gamer's wrist get the better of you: stay in control and seek advice from a specialist.

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