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Gamer Rage Reduction

Reducing that Gamer Rage:

Gamer Rage Reduction As a Gamer you will be familiar with the fact that mild stress can often turn to 'Gamer Rage'. Whether it comes as a result of other players, or your own performance, Gamer Rage can leave you unhappy and unable to play. Fortunately, it is possible to both solve and prevent Gamer Rage through several techniques.

  • Focused Breathing Techniques
    Breathe in for seven seconds, and exhale for the same period of time. By doing this, your stress levels will lower, and in future you will be less likely to experience Gamer Rage.

  • Clear Breaks
    Do not use Gaming as pure stress relief or bring external frustrations into your gaming sessions. Clear your mind before a gaming session, this can be done by either using a focused breathing technique or by releasing stress through exercise or even a 30 minute walk. If you donít have the time or patience for 30 minutes, at least take 5 minutes out to clear your head, do some eye exercises or stretches before you start. Just make sure you have a routine and stick by it.

  • Reduce Sugary and Fatty Food
    High in sugar foods and drinks will give you energy highs, although they will also later give you an energy low. Also, fatty foods can make you sluggish and lethargic; both the Sugar and Fatty consumables can cause irritability, which leads to enhanced Gamer Rage. If you want to avoid it and keep a cool winning head, eat healthy.

  • Stop being a NOOB
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